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Author Topic: About minimal A2 releases...  (Read 3028 times)
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« on: December 02, 2008, 05:13:38 PM »

PS. I think we should have more packages to have ability of more freely and flexible system configuring [sage]
Well, actually you do have the ability to customize A2 using a private "build description" file (as Release.Tool).

Background: There are two major reasons why the "old" Release.Mod running under Oberon has been replaced by a new one:
a) New Release.Mod runs under A2
b) New version allows to manage different builds without duplication of the list of files. Idea: each file is listed exactly once in Release.Tool. Tags can be used to indicate in which builds the file should be included. Using the old tool, it was quite painful to always adapt many different "Release.Tool" files and they tended to become inconsistent between each other.

Note here that "Release.Tool" is just a default parameter value for Release.Build and other commands which can be overriden using the --file option (e.g. Release.Build --file="MyRelease.Tool" BuildName).

If you need a very minimalistic system configuration of A2, I recommend the usage of "private" build description files, although this violates reason b).

Package Manager
It would, of course, be possible to introduce a fully-fledged package managing system that allows a very precise selection of what exaclty should be installed and that can automatically resolve dependencies. Also, loading packages from a package server would be quite nice.
But: Who does have time for such things...

On the other hand, a simple application installer could be realized by just packing all required files into a zip file together with an additional text file containing the compile command. A simple installer would recognize the "package" using a file extension, decompress it and compile the source code.
Also, if you want to have a really minimalistic system, you would end up with modules being packages.

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