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Author Topic: Troubleshooting an A2.iso  (Read 1979 times)
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« on: April 09, 2015, 04:51:31 AM »


A2.iso was built with customizations in Release.Tool.
BiosFreePCI.Mod replacing I386.PCI.Mod,
I386, WIN, UNIX { I386.Math.Mod I386.MathL.Mod }
I386, WIN, UNIX { XMM.I386.Math.Mod XMM.I386.MathL.Mod }
and with COMPILEOPTIONS "--useFPU".

The A2.iso was run under QEMU to install A2 to a CF card.  
The CF was plugged into an old Pentium S machine as IDE0  
and the machine was started with ATADetect=legacy .

The serial trace is visible at http://easthope.ca/V24.Log .
The CF is identified correctly.  Then "IDE0 Issue: 020" is repeated
until access to the file system fails.  

I386.ATADisks.Mod has
(* mode std ext dma dma ext
write 30 34 CA 35
read 20 24 C8 25
CMD[4] := 20H; CMD[5] := 24H; CMD[6] := 0C8H; CMD[7] := 25H;

From that and the trace, I conclude that A2 has identified the CF but fails to
read a sector or sectors from it.  Nevertheless, NO can run from the CF, IDE0#1
and has been tested in IDE0#2, suggesting the CF card is OK.  

So I puzzle that NO can read the CF but A2 can not.  Is anyone running a recent
A2 from a CF card?  Any peculiar configuration applied?  If someone has a working
A2 system, installed by a procedure similar to that described above, a little
information could be helpful.  Other ideas?

Thanks,                   ... Peter E.
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