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Title: Installation on USB
Post by: leledumbo on April 08, 2009, 04:25:48 AM
I want to install A2 to my USB stick so I can bring it anywhere (it only costs about 100 MB anyway). So I partitionize mine into 200/773 MB (that 200 MB goes to A2). After installation, I don't get 'OBERON loading' message. Instead, I got 'GRUB' ??? that never goes on.

My boot order is: CDROM-USB-HD

Is there something I miss?

Title: Re: Installation on USB
Post by: staubesv on April 08, 2009, 09:59:15 AM
Make sure that...
- there is a MBR on the USB stick
- the partition where you installed A2 is active (bootable)

You can use the Partition Tool to...
- Use Partitions->ShowBlock and have a look at the block 0 of partition USBxxx#0. The last two bytes should by 55AA. Otherwise, use Partitions->WriteMBR and make sure the "preserve table" is selected (to not delete the partition table...)
- The A2 partition should have the "B" flag set (otherwise, use Partitions->Activate to set it)