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Title: Micro WinAos
Post by: BohdanT on September 28, 2010, 02:24:48 PM
Something happened with the forum ...
Like the number is growing, but the quality - no.
Violated the law of dialectics, which we were taught under communism:) (well, I'm anti-communist)

Okay, I digress ....

In general, what I suggest - minimal assembly WinAos which provides tasks.

I started to do it, and what is encountered - a mess with text-halyards!
I was in shock SoundDevices.Obw when required to work with texts files.
I think this is just a "flaw", but these shortcomings are many, reengineering systems unfinished to the end!
Guys! need to create one all ok;) bring the system to primemlimogo level:)

Title: Re: Micro WinAos
Post by: sage on September 28, 2010, 03:25:58 PM
BohdanT already made little WinAos assembly (much smaller than current MiniAos, about 2 MB).
This small assembly has ability, for example, to run the compiler from Windows command prompt console in such way:
C:\MicroWinAos\Aos.exe PC.Compile test.Mod
The output to console:
##Command= PC.Compile test.Mod
test.Modi386 code generator installed
 compiling test ...
That's all, nothing else happens. Any ideas?
Another thing, that in case if system has network drives Aos tries to mount that drives and frizes.
Mounting: V:\ (iscsi-large), fs = NTFS

This approach may be useful in future to has ability to run any particular application in that way.
For example, even Windows GUI application (GUI class library required to be ported additionally, for example, ACL library).