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Title: Questions
Post by: edgar on March 25, 2008, 09:35:26 PM
On going from WinAos to UnixAos with ObeDAV I found that Patrik changed AosKernel to Kernel.
- Fine: AosKernel wasn't found. So this was well.
But he also changed AosModules to Modules.
- AosModules was found.
  - So why this change ?
  - Difference between Modules and AosModules ?
  - Which to use ?

Title: Re: Questions
Post by: staubesv on March 25, 2008, 10:33:06 PM
The names of the AOS kernel modules have recently changed:
- Kernel.Mod replaced AosKernel.Mod
- Objects.Mod replaced AosActive.Mod
- Heaps.Mod replaced AosHeap.Mod
- Modules.Mod replaced AosModules.Mod
- Traps.Mod replaced AosTraps.Mod
- I386.Machine.Mod replaced AosInterrupts.Mod, AosBoot.Mod and AosLocks.Mod
- I386.Processors.Mod replaced AosProcessors.Mod

AosModules.Mod does not exist anymore. If you still have this file, delete it.