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Title: Compatibility of SSH protocols in ETHNO, A2 and Linux.
Post by: peasthope on December 21, 2011, 04:16:04 AM

The interactive shell from ETHNO to Debian Linux has worked for
years and continues to work.  In the past, file transfers also worked.

Currently "SSH.Connect user@Squeeze.Debian.Linux" appears to work OK;
but any Send or Receive fails.  This is what appears in System.Log.

connecting to ... connected
exchanging keys
checking server hostkey
key exchange done
password authentication succeeded
SSH connection to '' established
file =>   
SSH.Channel.read: unexpected response packet type: 94
connection closed: protocol error

The system is left frozen and <Ctrl>+<Break> <Ctrl>+<Break> is necessary.

Something new in the SSH protocol in Linux?  Is SSH working between
A2 and Linux?  Any insights?

Thanks,                         ... Peter E.