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Title: Questions from a beginner
Post by: Stef on April 23, 2012, 08:37:04 PM
[sorry for double-posting; I had posted by mistake in another section of the forum]


I am interested in the Oberon language(s), but at the same time I am considering Modula-3 as a possible alternative.

Could someone please answer these questions:

* in which features is Oberon-2 / Active Oberon better than Modula-3? I understand that both evolved from Modula-2, but in different directions. What are the specific differences that should be considered when choosing which language to adopt?

* does it make any sense to adopt a Oberon dialect as a programming tool for simple, non-scientific tasks? or would it be better to go with something more mainstream like Object Pascal instead?

* is Oberon used outside the world of academia/research?