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Title: POP3 Syntax Error in Oberon.Mail.Mod
Post by: peasthope on September 18, 2013, 11:27:48 PM

Referring to the POP3 protocol, RFC 1939, Section 3 states "Keywords and arguments are each[sic] separated by a single SPACE character." Space characters are correctly inserted by Oberon.Mail.SendCmd. The space prepended to an argument of one digit by Oberon.Mail.NrToArg is erroneous. In fact NrToArg is redundant and Strings.IntToStr can be used directly. Some POP servers might tolerate the error but the Zimbra POP3 server reports "-ERR unable to parse msg" and refuses to cooperate.  The problem has existed since the implementation in NO and is documented.
http://carnot.yi.org/OberonPage.html#Mail (http://carnot.yi.org/OberonPage.html#Mail)

Oberon.Mail.Mod has three instances of "NrToArg"; one in each of DeleteMail, ReceiveMail and MessageSize.  Please replace each with "Strings.IntToStr" as in this module from NO.
http://carnot.yi.org/pe.Mail.Mod (http://carnot.yi.org/pe.Mail.Mod)
The code is the same in NO and in A2.  Scroll down to PROCEDURE DeleteMail.  For tidiness, the definition of NrToArg can be removed.
Thanks,          ... Peter E.