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Title: MouseButtons in the Oberon subsystem.
Post by: peasthope on May 02, 2014, 02:02:32 PM

Primarily a note rather than a complaint.  It might be helpful to a new user.

In the Oberon subsystem, a 3-button mouse has 2-button behavior as described in http://www.ethoberon.ethz.ch/mouse.html .  A click-click on the left mouse button produces "execute".   Pressing F8 switches the tiny icon in the upper left corner of Text viewers but doesn't change mouse functionality.  When scrolling down in a viewer, don't click too quickly. 

Here Oberon.Text begins,
System = {
DefaultFont = Oberon20.Scn.Fnt
MouseButtons = 3
and "MouseButtons = 3" has no effect.

Regards,                 ... Peter E.