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Title: LinuxAos 7086, Oberon subsystem.
Post by: peasthope on February 26, 2017, 05:10:49 PM
Hello Guenter & others,

In LinuxAos 7086, the Oberon subsystem encounters a problem at Oberon.Init.

Screenshot at http://easthope.ca/LinuxAosOberon7086.png .

The transcript from the terminal  follows.  Rev.6518 and 6661 work without this fault.

Regards,                               ... Peter E.

[olpc@xo-53-1d-bb ~]$ ./myaos
WorkingVolume is GRNSDHC41.
WorkingDirectory is MY.
Copying Configuration.xo-53-1d-bb.XML to Configuration.XML.
Copying Oberon.xo-53-1d-bb.Text to Oberon.Text.
removed ‘AOS.03435.Log’
removed ‘.tmp.2.5343’
removed ‘.tmp.3.5343’
LinuxAos (rev.7086): Kernel: Initialized and started.
X11 Display depth = 24
Default font installedOpenType 0.45 BBPort /3.12.2004  eos, pl
WindowManager: 32-bit color
WindowManager: Display resolution: 1184x801x32
DisplayRefresher installed.
Autostart: executing FileTrapWriter.Install
Autostart: executing WMTrapWriter.Install
{P cpuid= 0, pid= 30 Events: System event log started.}
WMMacros: Macro file Macros.XML loaded.
Autostart: executing UpTime.Install
Uptime monitor started.
Autostart: executing SystemTools.CollectGarbage
Collecting garbage... done.
Autostart: executing FSTools.Mount 'Work Directory' RelativeFileSystem .
Work Directory: mounted
Autostart: executing FSTools.Mount 'Module Sources' RelativeFileSystem .aoshome/source
Module Sources: mounted
Autostart: executing FSTools.Mount 'Fonts' RelativeFileSystem .aoshome/fonts
Fonts: mounted
Autostart: executing StartMenu.Open
Autostart: executing SkinEngine.Unload
ZeroSkin already loaded
Autostart: executing WMRestorable.Load Auto.dsk
WMRestorable: Loading desktop from Auto.dsk...
Autostart: executing WMNavigate.Open -vs 1 0 0 Navigation:TaskList
Autostart: executing Oberon.Start Oberon 830x580 4 64 ~
{P cpuid= 0, pid= 51 ETH Oberon / LinuxAos (rev.7086)}
Oberon command 'System.Init' not found
Autostart: executing Clipboard.Install ~
{P cpuid= 0, pid= 55 X11 clipboard registered at host clipboard interface.}
{P cpuid= 0, pid= 57 X11 clipboard unregistered at host clipboard interface.}
{P cpuid= 0, pid= 57 Events: System event log shut down.}
{P cpuid= 0, pid= 57 Files: 39 open files}
Objects 70 discarded finalizers, 0 pending finalizers
WindowManager: Window manager closed
UnixFiles 41 discarded finalizers, 0 pending finalizers
[olpc@xo-53-1d-bb ~]$