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Author Topic: Wikipedia entry on ZUI  (Read 4071 times)
soren renner
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« on: December 04, 2008, 08:54:52 PM »

In computing, a zooming user interface or zoomable user interface (ZUI, pronounced zoo-ee) is a graphical environment where users can change the scale of the viewed area in order to see more detail or less. A ZUI is a type of graphical user interface (GUI). Information elements appear directly on an infinite virtual desktop (usually created using vector graphics), instead of in windows. Users can pan across the virtual surface in two dimensions and zoom into objects of interest. For example, as you zoom into a text object it may be represented as a small dot, then a thumbnail of a page of text, then a full-sized page and finally a magnified view of the page....
BlueBottle/Aos Bluebottle OS is an evolution of Native Oberon and has a zooming user interface.

Well, we don't have vector graphics exactly, but zoom in on the new window titlebar icons to see that it isn't just bitmaps either.
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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2008, 01:02:36 PM »

Thomas Frey made a mix between traditional WIMP interface and zooming interface (see http://e-collection.ethbib.ethz.ch/view/eth:27966 for full details).

The icons are just bitmaps, but since they are 64x64 pixels in size, you get some more details when you zoom in (at 1:1, the icons are display at approx. 15x15 pixels).
This, by the way, works for all images used in the system. So if you display, for example, a 1000x1000 pixel image in a 100x100 pixel window, you would see the full image details at 10x zoom.
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