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Author Topic: Graphical Installer for AOS  (Read 3234 times)
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« on: January 23, 2008, 06:29:07 PM »

Starting with the release from 23.01.2008, there is a new graphical installer for AOS.

Usage: WMInstaller.Open ~ (the rest should be self-explaining)

Although the installer window title tells you something like "BETA... don't use it", the installer works as far as I know (but still: use at own risk).

Important note:
The installer automatically determines what steps are necessary for installing AOS in the selected partition, including things as change partition types, format partition, select the correct bootfile (IDE/USB only) and choose the right config string for BootVol.
This makes it, however, somewhat dangerous. If you select your Windows/Linux/Other OS partition and tell the installer to quick-install AOS there, it will ask you whether you really want this. If you click "Yes", your OS is gone!
If you're not familiar with the installer, I recommend not using the Quick-install button. If you install AOS using the "next" buttons, the installer will show what steps it will perform before doing them. Please, have a close look at these steps.

Other notes:
- The installer enables the automatic hardware detection for USB/PCI devices per default. If this causes problems (black screen at startup), the detection can be disabled by setting the config string "HardwareDetection=0".
- Per default, the AosKeyboard.Mod and AosMousePS2.Mod drivers are loaded
- The installer does not automatically set the active flag of a partition (it does, if there is exactly one partition created by the installer, e.g. on USB devices)
- If you want AOS on USB devices, the installer is definitely the way to go!! Try it!

I would appreciate if you could give some feedback on the installer in this topic.

BTW: The installer can also be used under WinAOS to, for example, install AOS into VMWare disk images, on USB sticks or on the harddisk of the same machine.
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