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Author Topic: how can i display the a2 desktop in a window?  (Read 9080 times)
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« on: April 06, 2013, 04:42:35 AM »

i search the forum ,but i can't find the answer. when i run the aos.exe ,the desktop full the screen. but i want it show in a window. and the aos didn't support the net card 82579v . so i don't know how to communicate with the windows host.
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« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2013, 07:48:20 AM »

1. Copy aos.ini to myaos.ini (aos.exe at first load options from it if present).
2. Modify Boot2 parameter in myaos.ini as follows
; Boot2 = Display.Install  --fullscreen
Boot2 = Display.Install --width=800 --height=600
You may set any standard or non-standard resolution that you wish.

and the aos didn't support the net card 82579v
You have 2 options here: find supported net card or write driver for unsupported card.
Supported cards:
<vendor id="1022" name="AMD">
<device id="2000"   name="79C970 Ethernet Controller"   revision="all"   flags=""> AM79C970.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<vendor id="10B7"   name="3COM">
<device id="6055"   name="Model90xB"   revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="9000"   name="Model90x"      revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="9001"   name="Model90x"      revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="9004"   name="Model90xB"   revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="9005"   name="Model90xB"   revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="9050"   name="Model90x"      revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="9056"   name="Model90xB"   revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="9200"   name="Model90xC"   revision="all"   flags=""> Ethernet3Com90x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<vendor id="10EC"   name="RealTek">
<device id="8129"   name="RTL8129"      revision="all"   flags=""> RTL8139Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="8138"   name="RTL8139CB"   revision="all"   flags=""> RTL8139.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="8139"   name="RTL8139"      revision="all"   flags=""> RTL8139.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="8169"   name="RTL8169"      revision="all"   flags=""> RTL8169.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<vendor id="13B1" name ="Cisco-Linksys">
<device id ="0018" name="Linksys USB200M Rev. 2" revision="all" flags=""> UsbNetworkUSB200M.Mod </device>
<vendor id="8086"   name="Intel">
<device id="1029"   name="82559 Ethernet Controller"   revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1031"   name="ICH3"         revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1032"   name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1033"   name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1034"   name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1035"   name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1036"   name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1037"   name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1038"   name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="103D"name="Unknown"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init</device>
<device id="1064" name="82562ET/EZ/GT/GZ - Pro/100 VE" revision="all" flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1209"   name="82559ER Ethernet Controller"      revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
<device id="1229"   name="Ethernet Pro 100"               revision="all"   flags=""> Intel8255x.Install;InitNetwork.Init </device>
RealTek cards are rather cheap and wide distributed.

Or, possible 3rd option is to obtain device id code (PCITools.Scan~) of your card and try to tweak the Intel8255x driver to make it "know" your card by its id, and add corresponding record to DriverDatabase.XML This may not work...
Or to find somewhere in *nix sources the 82579v driver and analyze what is missing in Intel8255x driver to support 82579v card.
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