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Author Topic: A lost+found bug which breaks Find.Panel, and a solution.  (Read 3508 times)
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« on: November 09, 2013, 09:54:41 PM »

A filesystem on a volume on a removable store is feasible and useful.  Therefore a UnixAos working directory on a removable volume is a significant possibility.

Normally an ext filesystem contains a directory named lost+found in the root directory.  If the UnixAos working directory is on a removable volume, it will contain a lost+found directory.  When the Find.Panel is used to search in the working directory,  Files.Old("lost+found") will freeze the system.  My initial solution is to add a condition in BrowseFile.
    IF filename = "./lost+found" THEN RETURN END;

Then in the Find.Panel, searches in lo*, in ./lo* and in ./* work.  Provided "lost+found" is not a parameter of Domain, Find.All has no problem.

lost+found might cause a problem in another module.  Can the solution be in Files and be generalized to cover any subdirectory?  Haven't tackled that yet.

Regards,               ... Peter E.
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