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Author Topic: S'il vous plait commencer Nasm (assemblie langue)dans Zonnon pour Rusca etudians  (Read 3247 times)
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« on: December 21, 2013, 01:15:06 AM »

Please,start Nasm compilers in Zonnon compiler with appropriate sample examples so that the Russian universities like University of Nizhni Novgorod and Institute of Informatics systems SD RAS,would be able to get over the missed courses of Nasm or MASM32 which should be included in the packages of Zonnon already whereas the students can also make that up on command prompt but wouldn't that be necessary to give it to them as a handy hobby for a small program to write "Hello World " just to begin with and besides that the university will purchase the assembly language books and other reading materials from you for them to be able to join the NASM communities as a part of their very important academic prospect to cope up with other foreign students as well which is on top of the software programming languages including the code view debuggers in their universities in eastern and western Russia connecting towards Alaska and for that we gave them an access from Karachi,Pakistan through the ascii codes standing for after semi colon with USS reserve corps ii for the activation to america via karachi hub through your example of _2_12.znn(Find K) and that a K for Karachi.
     So,please make a note of that to include an assembly language facilitation in Zonnon for which actually that is derieved through ZC++n!=Pascal that had been taught at UNR until 1991 which still is there but below the mkdir/mkfile on a mainframe here.
    Mucho Gracias Amigos,
    Thanks a lot folks,
    Take care.
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