This page provides a summary of various Oberon-related acronyms used at various internet locations, especially including discussions on the Oberon List mailing list.

  • ETHO -- ETH Oberon (ETH is Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich)
  • LNO -- Linux Native Oberon
  • NO -- Native Oberon
  • OCP -- Oberon Community Platform
  • OLR -- Oberon Linux Revival
  • BB -- BlackBox Component Builder, Component Pascal IDE
  • CP -- Component Pascal (A dialect in the Oberon family most similar to Oberon-2)
  • AOS -- Active Object System (2003) (later renamed A2), or Alpha Oberon System for HP Alpha processor
  • UnixAOS -- Unix-based AOS
  • WinAOS -- Windows-based AOS
  • Bluebottle -- New system based on AOS kernel (2005)
  • A2 -- New system after Bluebottle (2008)

Some less-commonly used acronyms include:

  • ALO -- ARM Linux Oberon (Oberon in LNO family, for ARM CPU eg Raspberry Pi. Superseded by OLR.)
  • LEO -- Linux ETH Oberon (ETH Native Oberon 2.4.x for Linux x86)
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