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Active Oberon Language Report (pdf)

Some additional information about the Active Oberon Language and the Parallel Compiler (PACO) can be found in

  • Muller, Pieter Johannes. The active object system design and multiprocessor implementation. (2002). http://e-collection.ethbib.ethz.ch/view/eth:26082
  • P. Reali, Using Oberon's active objects for language interoperability and compilation, PhD thesis, Institute of Computer Systems, ETH Zurich, 2003 (pdf)
  • Aos/Bluebottle: Symbol and Object File Format, P.Reali, U.Glavitsch, Nov. 17 2006 (pdf)
  • Proposal for Module Contexts (pdf)
  • F. Friedrich, U. Glavitsch, F. Negele, S. Stauber. A2 Programming Quickstart Guide, August 18, 2010 (pdf)
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