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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
    1. 1.1  Active Oberon System (AOS)
    2. 1.2  ETH Oberon


Oberon is a family of both programming languages and systems originally developed by the Native Systems Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. A Oberon system is typically tighly coupled with the Oberon programming language it supports and a compiler for that language.

Active Oberon System (AOS)

This is the most recent language/system of the Oberon family. Formerly called Bluebottle.


  • multiprocessor support
  • preemptive multi-tasking
  • automatic memory management (comprehensive marking stack garbage collector, stop & go)
  • dynamically loadable modules

Active Oberon Language

  • strong-typed
  • object-oriented (single inheritance)
  • integrated concurrency support (locking, synchronization, thread) through active objects

Parallel Compiler (PACO)

1-pass recursive descent, scope concurrent parser.

AOS has been ported to MS Windows (WinAOS).

ETH Oberon

  • strong-typed
  • type extension support


  • co-operative multi-tasking
  • automatic memory management (pointer-rotation garbage collector, stop&go)
  • dynamically loadable modules

Oberon Language

  • strong-typed
  • type extension

Oberon 2 Compiler (OP2)

1-pass recursive descent parser, generates intermediate parse tree.

For more details, see Oberon Website.

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