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Avira finds Trojan horse in A2 and/or Oberon

Despite several attempts to convince Avira that A2/Aos/Oberon is not a Trojan horse, Avira recurrently incriminates these files. The easiest way around is to add these files to the exception lists.

How do I build the System

see Builds in Section Development

Where do I find the assembler source code of the Oberon Boot Loader (OBL), the Oberon MBR and the AOS Boot Manager?

The source code of these programs is part of the release.

Oberon Boot Loader: OBL.Asm
Documentation: OBL.Text

Note that the following to programs are actually not AOS specific. They can be used without AOS.

AOS Boot Manager: BootManager.Asm Documentation: BootManager.Text

The assembler source code is contained in the package AosBuild.zip (http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch/downloads/AosBuild.zip)

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