A2 CD Image

This is an ISO-image of a bootable A2 CD-ROM:

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A2 VMWare Image

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ETH Oberon

OLR, Oberon as a subsystem in Linux



Experimental Oberon

Revisions of the original Oberon operating system (2013 Edition, as described on, containing a number of simplifications, generalizations and enhancements of functionality, the module structure and the boot process, including:
(1) Continuous fractional line scrolling with variable line spaces,
(2) Multiple logical display areas (virtual displays),
(3) Streamlined viewer message type hierarchy,
(4) Unified viewer concept,
(5) Refined module structure,
(6) Simplified boot process,
(7) Rudimentary system building tools,
(8) Tools to modify the Oberon inner core.
Experimental Oberon is at .
A description of the differences between Experimental Oberon and Original Oberon is at .
Sub-repositories containing only certain features of Experimental Oberon are at .

Copyright (C) 2007 ETH Zürich
May 21, 2016, at 08:38 AM