A Wiki is a set of web pages that can be edited online using a web browser. Since anybody can post any content, here some guidelines:


Please do...

  • maintain your own content. There is no other person than you that will delete your content if it gets out-of-date
  • respect other peoples content
  • link legal content instead of uploading it on the Wiki. If you for example refer to a specification on your personal project page, prefer a link to it

Please don't...

  • discuss on this Wiki. Wikis are good for some purposes and not that good for others. For discussions, use the web forum or mailing list instead
  • sell anything on this Wiki. This is not a market place!


  • post any illegal content (e.g. racist or sexist content, documents under NDA, ...)
  • create links to illegal content

Editing This Wiki


The PmWiki uses a two-level hierachy where a sets of pages are grouped to wiki groups. Each group may have its own sidebar.
The top-level structure of this wiki has 4 groups:

OCPHome, Guidelines, Links
DocumentationFront, Installation, Language, Kernel, WindowManager
DevelopmentFront, Repository, Tools
FAQGeneral, Installation, Language

Please don't change this structure. Of course, suggestion for changes are welcome.

If you want to try out wiki editing without danger, please edit pages of the group Sandbox. This group is for testing only.

Note: Please always fill out the Summary field when saving edited pages

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