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A2 for Windows


This version: release 4701, 19.4.2012

A2 for Windows :

Note that a most recent, but not necessarily tested, version of WinAos / A2 for windows is always available by access to our repository.
See http://www.ocp.inf.ethz.ch/wiki/Development/Repository.
A detailed log containing all modifications is also available in the Repository. The file history.txt contains a history of the old versions (before WinAos.r1120).

Previous compilations:
A2.r2081.zip A2.r1752.zip WinAos.r1575.zip - WinAos.r1444.zip - WinAos.r1120.zip - WinAos3.07e.zip - WinAos3.05e.zip - WinAos3.04e.zip - WinAos3.03e.zip - WinAos3.02e.zip -

If you observe any problem, discover bugs or if you have any wishes, ideas, suggestions, comments, complaints or blames then p l e a s e post a note on the WinAOS discussion board, to the oberon mail list or contact the author felix.friedrich(at)inf.ethz.ch.

A short report on the purpose and structure of WinAos can be downloaded here: WinAos.pdf. Everybody is welcome to contribute. Please send comments, questions and additional material on and for this document to me.

Copyright © 2007 ETH Zürich
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