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Voyager >>

is a "project to explore the feasibility of a portable and extensible system for simulation and data analysis systems". It is written in and for Oberon. The Voyager project has been carried out by StatLab Heidelberg and was launched in 1993 by GŁnther Sawitzki, Martin Diller et al. See also (very old link).
Voyager has been used for the data flow model of AntsInFields. One of its strengths is the interactive graphics used for visualisation of statistical data. Technically, the message passing paradigm used in the Gadgets System has been extensively used for the consistency of dependent data.

AntsInFields >>

has originally been started as a software package for simulation and statistical inference on Gibbs Fields. It has then evolved to be a generic teaching and research tool in the field of stochastic image analysis. AntsInFields makes use of the platform Voyager (as described above). It has been developed since 1997 by Felix Friedrich. See
AntsInFields is also a platform that demonstrates the extraodinary felicitous design of the Gadgets System. The sources of Voyager and AntsInFields are now contained in the official release of Aos.
AntsInFields has also been published together with a book about image analyis on a CD. Using the features of the PlugIn Oberon System by E.Zeller it presents itself as a seamless integrated MS Windows application.

ObeDAV >>

WebDAV (RFC2518) defines how to manipulate resources on a server. It's sort of a ftp++ loosely spoken. WebDAV is extended by DeltaV (RFC3253) which adds versioning and workspaces to WebDAV. The widely used Subversion is using it's own proprietary protocol but also supports a basic set of DeltaV features. So it's possible to access a subversion repository. The project was in coma for a long time but it's waking up now. There seem to be people in the Oberon community now who are interested in version control.

For the old Wiki entry on my private site have a look at The information will be moved to ObeDAVProjectPage here ASAP.

Matrix >>

Matrix is a project and an Oberon Namespace delivering a large library for computational matrix algebra. It is rooted in Felix Friedrich's new language/compiler features for enhanced arrays and is available at the Subversion site with the same login as for the A2 release. It is maintained by the computational medicine research group at the university of Basel, Switzerland. As your contribution to future Oberon High Performance Computing, add your performance measurements at MatrixProjectPage, propose modifications to the source code for speed and correctness, and contribute modules fitting to the interfaces of this library.

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